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At Desupervised we are on a mission to solve intelligence and develop true general AI.

Existing AI’s don’t really understand the tasks they’re solving. Therefore, they have no way of filtering good from bad using common sense. At the same time, quality AI is expensive because it requires rare special competence to develop, deploy and maintain, making it difficult to access.

This is problematic. We believe that AI will have a major influence on our future. To ensure that the potential of AI can and will be utilized responsibly we need intelligent and easily accessible AI.

We’re developing true general AI capable of handling uncertainty, cross domain knowledge transfer and autonomous learning in multiple environments and verticals. It requires less data, scale with experience, and is platform independent. In addition, it significantly minimizes the investment, cost and risk by using AI.

Based on this technology, we build our AI powered SaaS platform Alvis that enables organizations with no or limited AI capacity to build and operate smart, safe cost-effective tailormade AIaaS for software applications used in processes or products internally or customer site.

This is AI by Desupervised.

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