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GrowthX is a growth hacking and startup strategy consulting firm where we partner up with selected startups each year and help them 10x their revenue/user/growth.
We’re an award winning team of incredibly smart Growth Hackers, Data Scientists and User On-boarding Specialists focusing on scaling user growth, engagement and retention for High Growth Startups. We bring years of experience to the party, we’re not an average digital strategy agency, we execute. Focusing on aggressive user acquisition, we find creative ways to hack your organic user acquisition and achieve growth targets. Our results speak for themselves. 
Our strategies include (but not limited to) :

Digital Marketing (incl. SEO, ASO) | Paid Acquisition | Digital Ads | Email & Push Marketing |

CRO | On-boarding & User Journey Optimization | UI/UX Optimization | A/B Testing |

Experiment Framework Implementation | Customer Behaviour Data Visualization | Full Remote Product Management

Companies like TattoodoHelloMind, Duolingo, Pcrypt and many more trust us with their growth strategies. We help all of our clients grow aggressively, optimize their customer acquisition costs, and realize their full potential.



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