University partners

University of Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen is a leading university in Europe with +38.000 students and +12.000 research publications. University of Copenhagen was founded in 1479 and got today six faculties, 36 departments and more than 200 research centres across the four campuses in Copenhagen. University of Copenhagen is one of the founders of Symbion and is still one of the active owners of Symbion and together do we run Univate located at Søndre Campus, Islands Brygge.

Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was established in 1917. Today, with 20,000 students and 1,500 employees, CBS is one of the largest business schools in Europe. CBS is one of the active owners. Togther we run Creators Floor at the CBS Campus, Howitzvej 60, Frederiksberg.

IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) was established in 1999 and is Denmark’s leading university focusing on IT research and education. ITU got 2,300 students and 330 employees. Symbion and ITU has cooperated for many years in supporting the entrepreneurs and student startups coming from ITU.


Community Partners

Graduateland + Careerland

Reach +800.000 potentielle candidates through the Graduateland and Careerland platform. When putting up a job on Symbion Careers you can answer if you want to be contected by Gradutateland to hear how you as company in the Symbion Community can get a special deal.

Read more about Graduateland here and Careerland here


AIESEC Global Talent

Find a Full time international intern through AIESEC Global Talent.Global Talent is an internship experience for young people aiming towards professional career development in a global setting. Internships range from 6-18 month full-time internships for students and recent graduates from abroad. AIESEC can make: 1) sourcing international talent becomes as easy as recruiting in your local market, 2) support with Formalities VISA, work permit, CPR and Danish bank account and 3) we provide a social environment to make your employee feel welcome and at home in Denmark.

Read more about AIESEC for startups here


Norconsulting Global Recruitment 

Norconsulting is an international Recruitment and Head Hunting service provider, supplying companies with highly qualified staff in both permanent and contract positions for the IT, Engineering and Oil & Gas markets.

Norconsulting offers companies in the Symbion community special deals and operate with a startup friendly “no cure no pay model”. If the placed Candidate terminates from his or her position for any reason other than lack of work within Ninety days (90) calendar days of his or her start date, they will find a suitable replacement.

Read more about Norconsulting here


Akademikernes Akasse

With 230.000 members and 7.500 talents with a academic background in their database are the Talent Match team at Akademikernes Akasse a strong Symbion partner in finding the people you need as company. Akademikernes Akasse can help you free of charge and will contact you directly if necessary.

Read more (in Danish) about the process here


Business House Copenhagen

Business House Copenhagen, a part of the City of Copenhagen, offers various free services to the local business community including helping businesses recruit and retain talent.

As a part of the City of Copenhagen’s department of labor, Business House Copenhagen has access to a talent pool of more than 45.000 jobseekers.

This includes both Danish citizens and international residents with a wide variety of competencies and backgrounds looking for everything from internships to salary subsidy-, student- and ordinary jobs.

To learn more: (Danish) (English and International Talents)

Work in Denmark

Workindenmark focus on attracting and recruiting highly skilled candidates from abroad and match more than 6,000 international candidates with Danish companies each year. Workindenmark help by 1) make your vacancies visible to international candidates, 2) attract suitable international candidates, 3) assist in the recruitment process and 4) provide relevant information on international recruitment.

Read more about Workindenmark here


Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity will assist your company in attracting international talent through the Greater Copenhagen Career Portal, the paid international recruitment campaigns to get highly-qualified senior candidates with minimum 3-5 years’ experience or the Talent Pool that consists of +7000 international candidates primarily from EU, South and North America and Asia within the following areas of competencies: I) +4500 IT/Tech & engineers with min. 3-5 years of experience II) 1500 Business, Marketing & Communication candidates living in Denmark III) 1000 other qualified candidates.

Read more about Copenhagen Capacity here



To grow your Life Science start-up company, you need team members with the right skills to unleash the potential in your business. You need to partner with someone who understands the business model and the demand for new talent, so that your business gets profitable.

That’s why Elite Search Life Sciences is the perfect talent partner for your Life Science start-up company. The founder is a biochemist and has several years of experience finding and placing talent in the industry. An ability to understand your products/services will allow us to become your ambassador promoting your business to prospect partners and team members.

All start-up companies with a Life Science orientation is offered one free consulting session. Attractive fees on search assignments are available exclusively for Symbion members.

For more information:

Or email at

Symbion Matchmaking

Symbion MatchMaking is a service for the companies in the Symbion Community who are looking for new employees.

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